The Calluqueo Glacier is a beautiful millenary mass of ice that descends the western slope of Mount San Lorenzo. At its base there is a beautiful lead-colored lagoon, the result of the large amount of sediment transported by the waters at the top of the mountain, surrounded by virgin forests inhabited by huemules and over which condors fly.

Itinerario forma parte de programas a Capillas de Mármol

08:30 Departure from Parador Loberías del Sur Puerto Bertrand or similar.


09:00 Confluence of the Baker River with the Neff River.


11:00 Visit to the Plaza de Armas of Cochrane with free time.


11:30 Excursion to Mount San Lorenzo / Calluqueo Glacier.


12:30 Arrival at the viewpoint of the Calluqueo Glacier and food service.


13:30 Navigation and approach to the base of the glacier (subject to weather conditions).


15:30 Departure from the viewpoint, return to Route 7.


18:00 Arrival at Parador Loberías del Sur or similar.


20:00 Dinner included.