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Hotel Loberías del Sur

Located in Puerto Chacabuco, Aysén Region, just 2 hours and 15 minutes from Balmaceda Airport.

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Aysén Histórico

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Glaciar Calluqueo

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Laguna San Rafael

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Capillas de mármol

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Parque Aikén del Sur

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Ensenada Pérez

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Opinión Usuarios

We spent some wonderful days at the "Hotel Loberías Del Sur". Where we were very well cared for by the hotel staff and enjoyed cozy and clean rooms. And regarding the activities carried out on the tours that included our stay, they were excellent!! With very well prepared and friendly guides. In addition to drivers, they are also very well prepared in their work and also in the work of guides, with very cordial treatment from them as well. My congratulations!! If I could do it again, I'd be happy to do it again!!

Dream12472912499, april de 2023
Appointment on TripAdvisor

Excellent hotel, 4 stars. Although it is difficult to reach, the level of excellence is remarkable in every way. I absolutely recommend the tour to Laguna San Rafael on the "Chaiten" Catamaran. (Monday, Friday and Saturday). I stayed in November 2015

Francisco A.
Quoted on TripAdvisor

Very welcoming hotel, its facilities are top notch". The hotel is very welcoming; it has all kinds of services which mean that you practically don't need to go out. That's great in this region with its inclement weather. It has good food, a gym and a pool. The rooms are first rate and the employees are friendly. I recommend it! I stayed in November 2015 on a business trip.

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Como Llegar

Origin / Destiny Lan Sky
Santiago – Balmaceda

With stopover in Puerto Montt daily Lan and Sky flight

  • Flight LA277
  • Exit 9:10am / Arrival 1:05pm
  • Flight LA273
  • Exit 1pm / Arrival 4:40pm
  • Flight SKY011
  • Exit 7am / Arrival 10:25am
  • Flight SKY015
  • Exit 1:15pm / Arrival 4:45pm
Santiago – Balmaceda

Without scales

  • Flight LA271
  • Exit 10am / Arrival 12:25pm
  • Flight LA275
  • Exit 12:10pm / Arrival 2:35pm
Balmaceda – Santiago

With stopover in Puerto Montt daily Lan and Sky flight

  • Flight LA272
  • Exit 5:30pm / Arrival 9:10pm
  • Flight LA276
  • Exit 1:50pm / Arrival 5:45pm
  • Flight SKY012
  • Exit 11:05am / Arrival 2:25pm
  • Flight SKY016
  • Exit 5:20pm / Arrival 8:40pm
Balmaceda – Santiago

Without scales

  • Flight LA274
  • Exit 4:40pm / Arrival 7:05pm

All Our Programs (7, 5, 4 and 3 nights) include the transfer service, which lasts approximately 2 hours.
*In case of only accommodation, the Hotel provides transfer services with an additional value